30 Recreation Farms in Taiwan Worth Visiting (Part 2)

Continuing from 30 Recreation Farms in Taiwan Worth Visiting (Part 1), here is another 10 leisure farms which you can visit.

This part focuses on farms in Yilan, Changhua and Taitung County:


Yilan County (宜兰县)

11. Toucheng Leisure Farm (头城休闲农场)

Toucheng Leisure Farm is set within the Hehuanshan mountain range with a land area of around 110 hectares.

On the farm, there is a paddy rice field, an animal area, orchard area, insect classroom, fishing area and tree house area for rural and farming experiences. For visitors who are keen to know how rice arrives on our table, besides the rice seedling area, the farm also has a drying area, with blowing, threshing and stone miller machines displayed.

Image courtesy of Toucheng Leisure Farm Facebook page

The farm allows city dwellers to experience life as a farmer for the day, getting close to nature. Activities on the farm includes livestock feeding, fruit picking in vegetable garden, kimchi and fermented soybean curd making. Visitors staying the night can release a sky lantern when night falls.

Image courtesy of Toucheng Leisure Farm Facebook page

Toucheng Leisure Farm also features a winery, Cangjiu Winery, where wines are produced and sold on site. Besides red and white grape wine, try their exclusive kumquat wine. Join in their educational cellar and winery tours to get a glimpse into their wine-making process.

The farm offer the option of a 1-day tour, 2 days 1 night tour and 3 days 2 nights tour. Choice of rooms includes for 2, 4, loft unit for 8 or dormitory unit for 10-20.

Address: 宜兰县头城更新路125号 | No. 125, Gengxin Road, Toucheng Township, Yilan County
Tel: +886 3 977 2222
Website: Toucheng Leisure Farm


12. Peikuan Resort Leisure Farm (北关休闲农场)

Not far from Toucheng Leisure Farm is Peikuan Resort.

The farm has a mind-boggling 90 bird species, 300 plant species, 130 butterfly species and 10 firefly species. But undoubtedly, the highlight of the farm is its crab-themed museum. Billed as the world’s only and biggest for these crustaceans, the museum has a collection of more than 700 live crabs and crab specimen. In addition, the museum has also introduced fresh and salt water prawns to their collection in recent years.

Image courtesy of 北关休闲农场 Website

The leisure farm also offers fruit-picking activities. Oranges can be picked during the months from October to February, mandarin oranges from September to December and kumquat from February to April. DIY activities include painting of crab-themed t-shirts, painting of ceramic crabs and making of 草仔粿, a Hakka snack.

Peikuan Resort Leisure Farm offers the option of a day-tour or a 2 day 1 night tour. Both of which are centered around its crab-themed museum and DIY activities. Visitors can stay overnight in their 2 (double bed) or 4 (2 double beds) persons rooms.

Address: 宜兰县头城更新路205号 | No. 205, Gengxin Road, Toucheng Township, Yilan County
Tel: +886-03-977-2168
Website (in Chinese only): 北关休闲农场


13. Shangrila Leisure Farm (香格里拉休闲农场)

Shangrila Leisure Farm is located at 250m above sea level in the foothills of Yilan’s Dayuan Mountains with an annual average temperature at a comfortable 25 degC.

Image courtesy of 香格里拉休閒農場Shangrila Leisure Farm Facebook page

There is a fruit orchard where visitors can roam freely and pick different fruits. Depending on the season, fruits such as star-fruits, mulberries, oranges and dragon-fruits are available for picking. An hour-long guided eco-tour is available for larger group booking at NT$2000/group to learn about the ecosystems at the farm.

The farm also conducts DIY activities such as rattle-drum, toy silkworm and bamboo bugle making at a small fee. Get to know more about the local culture with their folk activities, such as sky lantern DIY, sweet riceball making and spinning a top.

Image courtesy of 香格里拉休閒農場Shangrila Leisure Farm Facebook page

Accommodation ranging from double room to penthouse rooms with 3 double beds are available for overnight guests.

Local cuisines are served at their Shangrila Restaurant with farm grown fruits and vegetables. Share stories and bond as a family in the farm’s Tea Parlor over a cup of local Suxin black tea. For our Muslim friend, you may like to know that their Chinese restaurant has obtained Halal certification, which is displayed in their website.

Address: 宜兰县冬山乡大进村梅山路168号 | No. 168, Meishan Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County
Tel: +886 3 951 1456
Website: Shangrila Leisure Farm


14. Ba-Jia Leisure Fish Farm (八甲休闲鱼场)

Ba-Jia Leisure Fish Farm is one of Taiwan’s biggest sweetfish farm. Sweetfish (or 香鱼) is a relative to the smelts and mostly consumed in East Asia.

Visitors can tour the fish farms. For fishing enthusiast, no fishing allowed in the ponds unfortunately. You can always try their fish-based cuisine in their restaurant though.

Image courtesy of 八甲休闲鱼场 Facebook page

Kids will love feeding the fishes, ducks and swans in their courtyard ponds.

The farm’s Knight Manor offers accommodation of varying capacity from 2 pax double room to 12 pax attic room. And of course, fish produce, such as baked fish roe, are available for purchase as well as hand pickled fruits and vegetables.

Address: 宜兰县员山乡尚德村八甲路1-10号 | 264, Taiwan, Yilan County, Yuanshan Township
Tel: +886 3 922 5990
Website: 八甲休闲鱼场


15. Wanshun Leisure Farm (旺山休闲农场)

Wanshan Leisure Farm is famous for their pumpkins. There are more than 500 species of pumpkins and gourds from all around the world grown on the farm. Besides pumpkins, they grow various types of vines species that bear fruits and vegetables such as winter melons, luffa gourds, passion fruits, tomatoes.

Image courtesy of 宜兰旺山休闲农场 Facebook page

There are many photo opportunities with the mind boggling types of pumpkins on the farms as well as a chance to know more about them.

If you love to eat pumpkins, you are in luck. They have created many interesting pumpkin dishes and beverages that are worth a try. Grilled pumpkin and pumpkin pizza may not sound so exotic, but pumpkin curry, pumpkin shaved ice, pumpkin milk and pumpkin coffee do.

Image courtesy of 宜兰旺山休闲农场 Facebook page

The best time for visiting the place is around the Dragon Boat Festival as it coincides with the harvest season of pumpkins.

Address: 宜兰县壯围乡新南村新南路107之7号 | No.107-7, Sinnan Rd., Sinnan Village, Jhuangwei Township, Yilan County
Tel: +886-3-938-3918
Website: 旺山休闲农场 南瓜王国


16. Meihua Lake Leisure Farm (梅花湖休闲农场)

Located at the foot of Yilan’s Taiping Mountain, Meihua Lake Leisure Farm is a resort where visitors can relax and enjoy their leisure time in Meihua Lake Scenic Area. The 10,000 square foot farm has a range of activities and services available such as pottery-making, paintball, water pools, fitness course and DIY activities.

They have a beetle ecological area where different types of beetles can be seen. Pick your own vanilla at the farm’s Vanilla Farm Area and participate in DIY activities, such as vanilla cookies or crafts. Children will love feeding the animals at the cute animals area. Besides these, the farm also has an aquatic ecological area, as well as a vegetable area.

Image courtesy of 梅花湖休闲农场 Facebook page

Try their rice cooked in bamboo tubes, afternoon tea or BBQ (groups of 5 and above). Do note that meals have to be ordered beforehand. For the more adventurous, Meihua Lake Leisure Farm offer the unusual outdoor clay kiln cooking and dining with roasted piglet and roasted whole pig on the menu (reservation to be made at least 3 days in advance). Note that if outside food is brought into the farm for consumption, a cleaning fee will be imposed.

Image courtesy of Meihua Lake Leisure Farm

Meihua Lake Leisure Farm offers half-day, 1-day or 2-day packages to choose from. You can also create your own package from their list of activities. On-farm accommodation is available, of varying capacity from 2 pax to 8 pax room. Outdoor camping is also an option but you’ll have to pitch your own tent.

The farm is also in close proximity to Yilan’s attractions such as Renshan Natural Trail (仁山植物园), Sinliao Waterfall (新寮瀑布), Luodong Night Market (罗东观光夜市) and National Centre for Traditional Arts (传统艺术中心). So, it can be a base to your exploration in that area.

Address: 宜兰县冬山乡得安村环湖路62号 | No.62, Huanhu Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan
Tel: +886-3-9613222
Website: Meihua Lake Leisure Farm


17. San Fu Leisure (三富休闲农场)

San Fu Leisure Farm provides a habitat for diverse plant and teeming wildlife, such as frogs, beetles, butterflies to live in a natural environment. San-Fu believes in farming in the organic way, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The farm has a ecology pond for breeding and recovery of frogs. During the breeding season of Nantou tree frogs, you may see mating of these frogs.

Image courtesy of 三富休闲农场 紫屋森林 Facebook page

Not surprisingly, they have frog-themed DIY activities such as painting frog piggy banks, frog clappers. Other DIY activities includes travel scrapbook, kaleidoscopes and leaf-rubbing T-shirts.

Image courtesy of 三富休闲农场 紫屋森林 Facebook page

The farm’s Chinese restaurant offers low-oil, low-sodium, and healthy food choices with locally-sourced ingredients. Reservations are recommended. Enjoy a cup of “purple coffee” or pomelo flower tea with tea-time snacks at their Purple House Forest Cafe alongside a viewing pond.

San Fu Leisure Farm offers a 2-day package or a half-day package (for groups 20 or more). Rooms for 2 to 6 pax are also available for booking, inclusive of breakfast and ecological night tour.

Address: 宜兰县冬山乡中山村新寮二路161巷82号 | No. 82, Lane 161, Xinliao Two Road, Zhongshan Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan
Tel: +886 3 958 8690
Website: San Fu Leisure Farm


18. Guang Shing Farm (the Duck Cottage the Pig Cove)(广兴农场 鸭母寮豬哥窟)

Guang Shing Farm used to be a large pig breeding center, till a bout of hand foot mouth disease badly affected the business. After a 4 year transformation, the family-run farm today operates as leisure farm with agriculture, fishery and livestock farming characteristics.

Image courtesy of 广兴农场 鸭母寮豬哥窟 Facebook page

The farm has conserved a traditional cottage used for duck herding in early times. In addition, an area with animals such as pigs, lambs, rabbits, chickens and ducks etc is where visitors can interact with the animals.

They have interesting activities such as House of Shrimps (decorate houses for black shelled shrimps), Washing Pants while Clamming (clamming, scooping out fish, catching shrimps) and Rural Earthen Kiln (cooking of sweet potatoes, chickens, peanuts and sweet corns in traditional kilns).

Image courtesy of 广兴农场 鸭母寮豬哥窟 Facebook page

Enjoy their ‘Mom’s Signature Dishes’ featuring local produces such as Yilan traditional rice-flour noodle soup, sautéed basil and fresh river clams. Bring home a bottle of fermented tofu homemade by their Gran with a rural taste.

Address: 宜兰县柯林村光华三路132巷12号 | No. 12, Lane 132, Kwanghua 3rd Road, Kolin Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269
Tel: +886-3-951-3236
Website: Guang Shing Farm (the Duck Cottage the Pig Cove)


Taitung County (台东县)

19. Bunun Leisure Farm (布农部落休闲农场)

The Bunun tribe is one of 14 indigenous tribes in Taiwan. When settlers came from China, they were pushed back into the mountain regions. Many of the Bunun people are Christians and live in small villages near to Taitung.

Bunun Leisure Farm is the result of efforts from Reverend Pai, a Bunun Pastor, and his wife to renew the life of the community and revitalize traditional culture in an economically sustainable manner. The farm area also used to be the cluster area where the tribe lived.

Image courtesy of 布农部落 Facebook page

Bunun Leisure Farm comprises of a tribe theatre, weaving workshop, modern art center of aborigines, accommodation facilities, Bunun cuisine restaurant, coffee shop, an organic farm, gift shop and bamboo factory.

You can watch their daily aboriginal cultural shows or experience arrow shooting, set trap and top whipping with bark. Bunun-style weaved creations, oils from cyprus timber and bamboo charcoal can be purchased at the gift shop. Animal feeding or vegetable plucking on the farm will appeal to the young ones.

Complete the experience by staying on the farm, in one of their Bunun-style rooms.

Image courtesy of 布农部落 Facebook page

Address: 953台东县延平乡桃源村11鄰昇平路191号 | No. 191, Neighborhood 11, Taoyuan Village, Yenping Township, Taitung County 953
Tel: +886-89-561-211
Website: Bunun Leisure Farm


Changhua County (彰化县)

20. Magical Mushrooms Tribe Leisure Farm (魔菇部落生态休闲农场)

This is the place to be for mushroom lovers.

It all started when an electronics engineer gave up his job to go into mushroom growing. Traditional mushroom growing is dependent on insecticide, resulting in the mushrooms’ gills absorbing them in the process. Instead of sticking to the traditional farming methods, he visited countries such as France, Japan, Poland, Korea and China to observe how environmental control affects mushroom farming.

He then invested in cleanroom-like facilities such that the planting, collecting and packaging of mushrooms are all done in temperature and humidity controlled environment. In doing so, he managed to take insecticide out of mushroom farming. Today, his award-winning farm is part of a theme-park featuring mushrooms with playgrounds and mascots.

Image courtesy of 魔菇部落生态休闲农场 Facebook page

Visitors are introduced to the farm’s mushroom growing process from planting to packaging during guided tour. DIY activities includes mushroom planting and picking, toy mushroom and beetle painting. What’s on the menu but mushrooms of course in their dining options that includes hotpot, pizza and afternoon tea.

Image courtesy of Taiwan Leisure Farm Certification Service

Besides the more commonly seen mushrooms such as the shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom and king oyster mushroom, the farm also has the rarer rose pink and golden mushrooms.

Image courtesy of 魔菇部落生态休闲农场 Facebook page

If you are in Changhua County on Mondays or Tuesdays, you’re out of luck. The farms opens 10:30 to 17:00 (Wednesdays to Fridays) and 10:00 to 18:00 (weekends).

Address: 彰化县埔心乡埤脚村柳桥東路829号 | No. 829, Liuqiao E. Rd., Pijiao Village, Puxin Township, Changhua County 513
Tel: +886 4 852 1898
Website (in Chinese only): 魔菇部落

The final part of this series, 30 Recreation Farms in Taiwan Worth Visiting (Part 3), looks at farms in the southern part of Taiwan. Stay tuned.

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